Strategical & technical advisory

  • Biobanking strategy

    Establish an industry-leading biobanking strategy to stay compliant, use your biobanking assets efficiently and innovate in your domain. We know the market inside out and our advisors will help you establish the right biobanking strategy that meets your today’s and future needs.
  • Clinical information management

    Establish or improve your clinical information management strategy. Trusted by industry leaders, our expert advisors know this field from top to bottom and will help you deliver, optimize and integrate your health information – from CTMS, EDC, LIMS, eTMF to meta- and master data management and building new business models based on the data you have or can acquire.
  • Technical advisory & realization

    Build an IT landscape that is able to evolve with your future needs. Ensure your business can innovate and your IT teams deliver with technologies that get the job done. From enterprise to solution architecture to leading your delivery teams, our technical advisors will ensure you get the job done.
  • Regulatory advisory

    Get your regulatory issues corrected and prevented. Our advisors have many years of experience in heavily regulated industries. Applying this knowledge to your situation, they will help you take the right steps to be compliant while staying ahead of your competition.
  • Laboratory efficiency

    Assess your laboratory processes and improve efficiency. Our six sigma black belts will analyze your processes, involve your staff, establish process improvement scenarios, assess and even implement them, if needed.