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  • Clinical Data Warehouse

    Integrate your clinical system landscape spanned across multiple data sources located on-premise or in the cloud. Stay with your favorite tool to connect to the powerful real-time reporting platform. Facilitate self-service business intelligence and make report execution as fast as possible.

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  • Information Management System

    Make use of the h2i framework for tracking, processing and management of clinical items such as biological specimen or chemical compounds. Store, share and retrieve data in a structured manner. Enjoy an intuitive user experience of a system that is scalable for massive amounts of data.

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  • Taxonomy Service

    Enhance medical information exchange and data comparability. Simply plug in controlled vocabulary support into your existing applications. Include your own custom taxonomies.

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  • Biospecimen Tracking

    Leverage study quality by keeping track of your samples. Connect sample systems across your business and beyond organizational boundaries. Get immediate insight into sample history and the current processing status. Stay up to date by receiving instant notifications upon changes.

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