Clinical Data Warehouse

Powerful management of clinical information

Optimize your clinical study management with this warehouse as fast and flexible core of your landscape. Manage clinical data across multiple studies. Give your researchers visibility into the data without hurdles and enable powerful real-time reporting. Easily connect your sources while having full flexibility on choosing your tools.


Real-time Data Acquisition

All data in one place!

Establish a central warehouse for your data that is able to cope with dynamic source data structures. Connect multiple data sources of your clinical system landscape from various tools such as EDC, eTMF or LIMS. Load existing data and ensure continuous integration of future data.

Real-Time Analytics

Enable self-service business intelligence!

Access data in real-time with reports showing 100% current data. Enable users to prototype reports via ad hoc reporting. Choose pre-defined canned reports where validation is critical.


Get a validated warehouse!

We have long-time experience in GxP computerized systems. Our warehouse is prevalidated offering DQ, OQ, IQ. Our processes are 100% documented to fulfill the requirements.


Flexible Data Model

Harmonize data structures!

Establish one data standard for your data, no matter if it’s structured or unstructured data. The models can be adjusted according to your specific needs. Have a common information model as well as a report-specific ones. Handle permissions and master data management.

High Performance

Have a fast access!

Access data in a super fast fasion. We use state-of-the-art database technologies. Data access is handled via fast in-memory technology.

Fully Flexible Extensions

Stay with your favorite tools!

Simply plug in the tools of your existing clinical data landscape. The data model allows for flexibility in connecting various data input/output systems.

Get a

Get your customized warehouse!

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