Information Management System

Powerful organization of any laboratory items

Enjoy a LIMS with an extraordinary flexiblity – fhe underlying data model can ingest any items with their relations. Retrieve, store and share data between global user groups. Intuitive browsing the data to enhance your day-2-day business processes.

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Intelligent Data Model

Map your business process!

We bring your favorite items in! The system is easily customizable according to the specific business items in your laboratory – thanks to the underlying data model. Create new item types and assign properties. It is also quickly adaptable to changing business processes.

Easy Data Input

Use variable sources!

There are many ways to get your data in – no matter if its manual entry, batch processing, barcode scan or importing from other instances. Our system scales for massive amounts of data. Easy management of external data – load, share and retrieve third party data.

Defined User Interface

Enjoy intuitive browsing!

Simple overview of data – clear arrangement of items using a tree-like structure. Easily browse your data and retrieve parameters.

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User Management

Connect your global labs!

Many users can work in parallel, updates are pushed in real-time. The data access is restricted to user roles. Access from many sites, connect many users.

Item Labeling

Your mobile as a scanner!

Get data easily into your system via mobile app and use it as a barcode scanner. The system is able to track items via barcode or RFID chips.

Warehouse Extension

Fast integrated report access!

Plug into theĀ h2i Clinical Data Warehouse and benefit from integrated reporting. Define and extract reports for fast statistics. Access clinical data warehouse report per right-click.

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Get your customized item management!

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