Taxonomy Service

Manage medical communications in the cloud

Researchers, physicians, regulatory affairs and billing managers – their success highly depends on accurate information exchange and data comparability. We provide a web service for automated coding of various medical terminologies. Easily integrate within any kind of in-house applications. Use common as well as custom controlled vocabulary sets.

data entry

Automated coding

Ensure data quality at entry!

Control the quality of data right from the start. Our solution enables a reliable and quick coding process. The underlying logic ranks the search results and returns the most significant term, even among different vocabulary sets.

Integration into Applications

Use within your systems!

Our service is hosted in the cloud. Integrate it within any kind of your software application. Coding requests are automatically done in the background via common web service standards.

Full-text search

Autocode entire documents!

Save time by autocoding long medical documents. No need to manually search for terminologies. Just copy and paste – the conversion is done for you!


Medical Taxonomies

We provide any vocabulary!

We provide any state-of-the-art medical vocabulary such as ICD-10, MeSH, MedDRA or SNOMED-CT. You can upload any further taxonomies, just bring your own license. Sources are updated regularly, no maintenance necessary.

Custom Taxonomies

Bring your own vocabulary!

We further support you to run your own in-house taxonomies.  Customized taxonomies can be easily integrated. Those are private by default but can be optionally shared with others.

Software as a Service

Super fast response time!

Benefit from a cloud-hosted service. You are free to choose the location of your data. Fast response times guarantee a smooth coding process. Geo-redundancy ensures requests are automatically redirected.



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