Get a custom
Software Solution

We deliver the solution you need end-to-end. Our Software Center of Excellence takes care of all the details: our project leads make sure we deliver, our product managers ensure we work on the right features, our architects make sure we design them in the right way and our tech leads and software engineers build software to your requirements. At the end, you get your custom software solution, the way you want it.

Get complete Teams
for your IT Project

Task our talented software engineering team solving challenging problems. We can work delivery-based or deeply embedded in your project. We can provide full scrum teams that work on-site or remote, to get the work done and deliver high-quality code.

Get individual Experts

Add key resources to your IT project that give your efforts a clear direction and goal. Our architects and tech leads have many years of experience delivering IT solutions in heavily regulated environments. They will make a difference.

The Difference We Make


We feel accountable for each task that we take on. We won’t just throw results over the fence, but care deeply about the bigger picture.


Being part of your project matters a great deal to us. We’re enthusiastic, open communicators and that are committed to get issues out of the way quickly.

Quality & Efficency

We know our field, and we’ll use our experience to your benefit. We know how to work efficiently and achieve top quality results with our resources.


Key Technology


Front End


Data Integration

Cloud Technologies

Business Intelligence


The million-user platform project
Development of an cloud-based platfrom

Inhive was entrusted with the development of an Azure platform, allowing millions of users a day to organize trips. The challenge within this project was the interoperability and merge with other systems. Inhive was represented fulfilling the roles of software development, software architecture, project management and controlling. 

Keep Rolling
Taylor made ERP system for biomass logistics

 Order management, rout planning, CRM, stock and driver logistics are now organized within a custom software solution by inhive at a global operating biomass trading company. The software adopted the existing work models, matching the needs of drivers and back office workers at the same time. We used …. [technology] 

Everything in place
A sample management system for the pharamaceutical industry

Organizing hundreds of thousands biological samples in one store requires good logistics and a capable software solution at the same time. Solving these challenging issue, Sample Management was created, allowing for [Features] through [Technology]