Netzwerk Talente

Netzwerk Talente

Annual Meeting Spotlights Inhive Group.

This years’ annual meeting took place at the Sirona Dentsply Innovation Center. Besides Dr. Leonhard Henkes from the inhive Group, many talented and interested students and pupils were present, together with their teachers. Special guest of the event was famous German astronaut Thomas Reiter. He was interviewed for at least one hour by Werner D’Inka, publisher of the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

The inhive Group as well was in the spotlight of this event: Dr. Leonhard Henkes was invited on stage to talk about our “Eine Gute Tat” program – and the successful programming and biomolecular modeling courses that we provided following our promise to give back to society. The meetup also organized a second round of face-to-face meetings between the pupils and the speakers.

Once again, this was a great opportunity to get in touch with interested young adults, having many questions about our company, our work, and the industries we are active in. Great chatting with everyone – and looking forward to seeing you as you start your careers.

“We receive a lot of positive feedback on our ‘Eine Gute Tat’ program”, says inhive Group CEO Oliver Vettel. “It’s a very rewarding experience – for both our employees and our company as a whole. Leonhard really made an impact with his courses. I’m looking forward to the next things we have planned – and we look forward to working together with the Netzwerk Talente.”