Digital Transformation Done Right

Digital Transformation Done Right

14 years from now, we as the inhive Group were asked by one of our oldest clients to create a concept for an individual logistics software, including the functionality to manage and monitor all resources. For the latter, the challenge lies within managing persons, trucks, documents and customer relations at the same time.

Back at that time, we delivered an on-premise software solution handling all the tasks. Until today it became “the one” software this company uses exhaustively everyday. Looking into a prosper future, this locally running piece of software needed to take the next step:

Transformation to the cloud.

Some weeks after the kick-off meeting making this decision, all functionalities were transferred into the cloud and became a big relief. Now, standing at borders 2.500 km away from the headquarter in Germany without important documents printed out is no longer a thread for their business. Thanks to our transformation the direct access to all documents from everywhere is possible.

The here performed transformation is a true example on how digitization can bring advances for each business, while making daily life easier and reducing the amount of paper.