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It All Starts With A Strategy

It’s said, that every successful project starts with a good idea, right? Well, the idea gets things initially rolling, that’s true. But as far our experience goes, success only evolves from the idea, if you pursue your goals with the right strategy. This is where we come in. We illuminate your (upcoming or running) projects from top to bottom, analyze the market you are aiming for, define the right goals and important milestones in cooperation with your team, consider and evaluate existing structures and, if necessary, suggest adjustments or additions.

So far so good. That’s what “they all” do, you might say. What makes us different is, what happens next: We don’t give our recommendations and leave you alone afterwords. We stay by your side. We help you to implement new technologies, develop tailored software solutions if necessary, support your team (even on site, if needed) in achieving your goals and offer long-term support beyond the completion of the project, if you wish.

These basic principles are the guidelines for everything we do:

Fast. Always at hand.

Making the most of your time to match your timelines.

Efficient. Getting things done.

Taking responsibility and proactively driving your project.

Personal. Together as one team.

Authentic team players with character join your side.

Precise. For sustainable solutions.

Holistic communication and documentation is our strength.

What We Do

To give you an impression of what our team can do to support your specific needs, we have put together an condensed overview of our fields of application.

Strategic Advisory

We get in close dialog and help you to develop and implement strategies and concepts, that ensure your project reaches its goals and you operate successfully in your market.

Technical Advisory

We evaluate technologies on the market and your given processes and provide our experience to help you in making the right decisions to sharpen your IT strategy for future requirements.

Scientific Advisory

With scientific experts for computational biology and chemistry in our team, we can provide the needed support to medical research projects from the planning phase to execution – also on site.

Software Engineering

When existing software on the market cannot meet your specific requirements, we collaborate with your teams to define and develop a specialized solution, that we will support from design to evaluation and implementation to maintenance.

Software Development

Our software team can complement your existing developer teams, guide them or operate independently and thus respond to a wide variety of your specific needs.

Technical & IT Support

You can rely on us. We support the solutions we provide (this applies in particular to software programmed by us) and thus ensure your long-term success.

Select Business Partners

Advisory Services

The success of our company is mainly based on two pillars. The first of these, are our advisory services, which we offer for the following subject areas: Strategy, Technology, and Science & Research. In 20 years we are on the market now, we have developed an excellent reputation among well-known global companies, which in the meantime enables us to compete with consulting companies that are significantly larger than us. However, our smaller size and our flat hierarchy make us much more agile and flexible, which always plays out as an advantage for our customers.

We – at any time – learn from the projects in which we are involved and make our expertise available to all of our customers in new projects. Thanks to this indirect transfer of know-how, even smaller companies benefit from experience, that would otherwise only be reserved for large companies. That said, data protection always comes first, of course.

Software Development & Engineering

The second pillar on which our business is built, is based on software development and engineering. With our well-trained software specialists, we can – on one hand – complement existing development teams of our customers or orchestrate them, according to the project. On the other hand, we can as well develop software “from scratch” independently in-house. This means, we can respond to the requirements and needs of our customers in a scalable and flexible manner. These are the modern technologies that we focus on:

Our software engineering experts always have the big picture in mind: What do the customers existing IT structures look like? Where do they need to be supplemented? How do new structures fit into the existing IT landscape and can the necessary compromises be largely eliminated if possible? And when the immediate tasks have been completed, our real responsibility just begins: We’ll stay by your side and ensure your long-term success.

20 Years Of Experience

Have a look at some of the projects, we have worked on over the years. Move your mouse over any of the images to see an excerpt of the descriptions and if you like, simply use the "Read more" button for the whole story.

Process Automation

Document Archiving Solution. Process Digitalization of established workstreams can ideally be achieved through automated processes. In the course of digital...
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Digitalization Support

Taking The Next Step To A Digital Future. Running a mid-sized company within the field of clinical studies, one of...
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CADD | Computational Chemistry

Supporting Medicine Development On-Site. One of the biggest pharma companies asked for computational chemistry on-site support. Our experts, possessing more...
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The Million User Platform

Organizing Trips On A Cloud-Based Platform. Build a cloud-based platform, allowing millions of users a day to organize trips –that’s...
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Custom Software Solution

Individual Logistics & Project Management System. Our client was a large-scale logistics company in the biomass sector and needed a...
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Biosample Tracking

Bespoke Software Solution for Regulated Environments. A sample management system for the diagnostics industry: Organizing hundreds of thousands of biosamples...
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Small Team. Big Performance.

Our 10+ team of highly trained and innovative experts, operates under a flat hierarchy and therefore provides a maximum of flexibility and efficiency to meet your specific needs. Interested in more information on our staff? Simply click on one of the following images to open the details page.

Oliver Vettel


Tobias Bucher

Senior Consultant
Technology Projects

Tobias Arnold

Senior Consultant
Business Intelligence & Data

Dr. Sabine Hartmann

Senior Specialist Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Dr. Leonhard Henkes

Senior Specialist Bioinformatics & Computational Chemistry

Markus Koob

Senior Marketing & Business Development Expert

Gabriele Herbst

Financial Account Manager

Kaleem Ullah Khan

Software Engineering Expert

Ramees Kethadath

Software Engineering Expert

Steffen Wenz

Consultant IT Operations
& Software Development

Srđan Saša Ivošević

Consultant & Support

Maxim Kobzev

Senior Data & Visualization

Marco Schneller

Apprentice IT Specialist
Application Development

Gina Dickerhof

Junior Project Coordinator

Danka Miklos

Executive Assistant

Andrej Vasilj

Senior Software Developer

Jessica Wang

Project Management &
Supplier Relations